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Thursday 21 July 2022 by Matthieu Giroux

Baptism is a religious sacrament. A long time ago, it consisted to immerse the baptized body into water to show him the cross’ way when we are no longer breathing.

Baptism consists about seeking the truth. The culmination can be a cross’ way, that is to say an uncertainty path, in the face of those who are in falsehood.

The truth is scary. Thus those who are in falsehood repel those who tell the truth. That is why Jesus had a cross’s way which ended in death. But then Jesus rose again.

For Jesus, our life in this world serves to convince as many people as possible that God’s world is possible for humans. Thus, he is not afraid to die for this, since his destiny is to go into God’s world.

Our life is used to convince as many humans as possible to go into God’s world. For this, there is a truth’s path to follow with others.

My Notes

Write about your truth’s path.