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Article published on 22 July 2022
last modification on 4 December 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

This book is for children whom want to understand what God is.

Everybody has a God, someone or something that we idolize. Some idiots have money as their idol, others their wife or a car. Why? We know that we are one among all human beings. Also when the child is born, he clearly sees that he is weak, that he needs to ask for food. Then God are his parents, those who feed him. Thus, it refers to something or someone, to a story.

So everybody has a God. But is that God for oneself ? The church does not like idols. Indeed, an idol is either an object, or an animal, or a person.

Why would anyone idolize an object? Indeed, human life is better than a simple object. It is therefore better to idolize a human who can respond to us rather than an animal or an object.

Why would anyone idolize a human? Indeed, this human was born, like the others, on Earth. Why would he be more promoted than another? Then it is better to idolize the one whom created us and that we do not see.

My Notes

Write about the one you idolize.

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