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Life after Death

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Thursday 21 July 2022 by Matthieu Giroux

According to all religions, life is eternal. That is, life is being recreated. We should rise again. Life creates new lives. The Buddhist religion believes that our life is reincarnated in animals. Monotheistic religions speak about afterlife, about a life elsewhere after death, in heaven to image it. The souls accepted by God should go to a universe similar or equal to that of God according to Jesus.

We should be God’s equal. We should act on Earth through this universe, without time gap constraints. Indeed, the Holy Spirit acts easily in any place on Earth. According to Christ, the purgatory’s beings, this soul’s educating world go to the God’s world, these beings should therefore be resurrected to be chosen later according to the God’s mercy. Resurrecting Christ, according to Christians, consists in representing God, thanks to his truth’s research, which allows happiness. Also, being optimistic and joyful also makes it possible to reach this God’s universe. Indeed, optimism and joy make joy to others. Everything that brings joy to society is good for God.
The Bible explains that the first will be the last and that the last will be the first. So it means that the poor will become rich.

The poor man wants to work. Also a job that we love flourishes. So that means we will have tasks.

The poor man is cheerful with nothing. Also, seeking the truth makes you happy. As the truth’s research gives us joy, so happiness, it therefore means that we will be joyful with God, not to mention enjoyment, not wanted by God in his world. Indeed, someone who only enjoys ends up creating his misfortune.

It seems that all guarded souls will have the same faculties according to Jesus. Everyone will see and will be able to move. The blind will see. The infirm will walk. Blind people have seen in Near-death Experience. That is why Jesus would have healed the sick.

The poor have time to think while the rich can easily take care of themselves. So this means that meditation and dialogue, which will be in us for eternity, will give us ideas. Indeed, we are fulfilled by a sober life.

We get very rich with others while the rich cloister themselves. Also, our company only works through links. So this means that we will always need others. So this means that our soul will not change much, so we must listen to it, contrary to what the rich do.

However, it is possible that we know more things than before, since our world is imperfect, since our world is a creation, not a coincidence because it is the hazard’s opposite, that is to say an organization. But our truth’s research is deeply rooted in our soul, imperfect according to the Bible. So we can question God.

But God chooses souls who cannot become the devil. He wants to destroy according to the Bible the unjust souls, to keep the righteous souls and put the sinners in purgatory. Righteous souls do not rebel because God’s world is full of righteousness. Purgatory should be an expectation of God, with joy’s levels at each soul’s pass towards a better truth’s research.

Purgatory should be found in the new world, which will destroy the old world, when Christ will arrive again. Indeed, we know that our universe is going to another universe. The Bible explains that this other universe will merge with ours, to create a new world where justice would reign. The fishermen would be resurrected there, not the unjust. So it is possible that the souls of the righteous have grown up to take care of sinners. The universe where we are going would fill matter’s imperfection.

Our body really reacts to the world. I walked for two days. I have body aches.

My Notes

Write about your life’s usefulness.