What is the Holy Spirit ?
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Article published on 22 July 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

The Holy Spirit modifies life on Earth, so nature grows better. Indeed, life can only be organized with souls. Matter must be helped to change.

Everything is not written automatically in atoms, as chaos theory should make us believe. The big bang is not described as an explosion if you feel it can accept life. It is an organization since we can exist in it, just as a flea exists in and through its plant.

But the Holy Spirit is also an intuition. But our own intuition can disturb it. That is why it is about believing, so the Holy Spirit interests us, since the word that we hear is also understood and therefore transformed and translated by our spirit, while this word comes from elsewhere.

Also we must verify that we are in the truth with a cause in the truth. This cause may not lead us to the paradigm allowing us to give the solutions. There is little chance to believe the good truth if we do not understand how we are made ourselves, therefore how the differences of others are, then what we are useful for, therefore why we exist, therefore why our near and distant environment exists.

My Notes

How can DNA change to create, for example, nature that we find difficult to understand ?

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