Who is God ?
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Article published on 22 July 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

Our world is ordered, contrary to what physicists said. Indeed, everything that surrounds you exists for a special reason. Each animal has a function and acts for that function. Every plant serves a purpose. So everything you see around you doesn’t come by chance. Chance could not create a world with a nature that inspires humans.

If nature inspires humans, it’s because someone created it. It’s not just our world that has been created. The universe where the world is was created with a soul. Indeed, the universe of our world cannot be ordered by chance. He should have either died or scattered. Universe is distributed fairly, like a plant.

It sounds amazing, but you too have a soul. Those who almost died testify to this. Those who have experienced an imminent death testify that they feel irresistible happiness feeling their soul. Right now, you’re not feeling your soul. You feel your body. But your soul makes your body living. The universe also has a soul just like our world.

The one who first created universe is a God who may have been born by chance. Life is a miracle. There could have never been life in the universe. But life allows us to contemplate our world and the universe. As you exist and others exist, there is life.

But order in which the universe and the world live requires a starting point. It is believed that the universe was born from the big bang, big bang which is actually an expanding seed. God created the universe and the universe’s soul, a soul that allows the universe to expand uniformly.

So God can create souls. He comes before our universe. He may have been the first life.

My Notes

Write about your body and why it is ordered.

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