Who is Jesus Christ ?
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Article published on 22 July 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

Jesus is celebrated by Christians at Christmas, on December 25th. The birth of Jesus is also used to establish the beginning of the Christian calendar. So Jesus is important for Christians, those who believe in Christ.

Christ gave the word Christian. A Christian is someone who prays Jesus, who therefore thinks about him. Jesus Christ is said to have lived at the Christian calendar’s beginning from the year 0 to the year 40.

Jesus asked his apostles, his disciples, to distribute his word, which the apostles did. Thus, we know that Jesus existed.
Jesus provided that humanity can live in a harmony, at a time when they were experiencing slavery or pleasures’ life. For example, he said with the first precept that we must worship one’s God and love one’s neighbour as oneself. He also said and shown that leaders should serve as a slave should.

Thus the converted Christians began to serve when they were leading. Then humanity has experienced extraordinary growths, so much so that there is no longer any necessary slavery in our world. But it is about Christians to bring the gospel’s word, in the Bible therefore, because its words are abused.

Christians must thus carry the gospel to bring peace. Only, bringing peace and respecting as Jesus says enriches. So Christians are rich for many.

But wealth prevents us from understanding Bible’s words, as we have seen. So there is a decline in Christian religion, not only for this reason. There is also the fact that everything in the media goes against Bible. A Christian can be lost with these lies.

But, after the recessions, the Bible’s words are again trusted. They always have been. But the devil who runs finance, finance that corrupts the world, wanted to hide this.

So Jesus brings the truth. Whoever brings the truth to the world becomes like Christ. Thus Christ helps those who bring the truth so that they contradict finance. Only Jesus knows how to contradict finance.

My Notes

Read the Bible’s New Testament.

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