Our World is Artificial
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Article published on 22 July 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

Matter is organized, we don’t know exactly why. It seems surreal. How can something very small runs according to the rest of the body? Nature exists, that’s not that I want to state. But our world is a creation. Otherwise there would be mistakes preventing life from being organized.

So it seems certain that the first life that appeared had a lot of problems to suffer. She had a lot of things to do for friends to be born, a kind of Jesus who born. The first world had to be terrible with a part of chaos.

So, it seems surprising or scary that our artificial world is a world where we die, while it is more difficult to create than to maintain, according to Blaise Pascal. So it seems that we die for a good reason. We’re probably being tested. If we die and our life was difficult to create, it’s because our life is used for something. In other words, surely some must live again after death, right ?

My Notes

Write about our world’s creation.

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