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Giving Happiness

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Monday 18 July 2022 by Matthieu Giroux

Many are pessimists because they see pessimism in others. They then give pessimism to others. Let’s get rid of this gloom to smile when we don’t know what else to do. It’s about giving optimism and joy to others.

We are happy when we find the truth. Thus, those who seek the truth can bring happiness to others. It is a dialogue where we ask the other indirectly what he wants, rather what his mind wants. Indeed, corruption prevents many people from telling the truth. Thus those who seek the truth learn to appropriate the people’s message while giving happiness.

Charity is about, when possible, giving our person to others. We often talk about money. But if we think that the other is sincere, it is about asking him or guessing what he cannot get. So, the one who gives is happy to know the happiness’ benefits. A dialogue and his soul wants us being well. It is about giving directly from our heart. Afterwards, our mind notices the society’s weakness, weakness meaning corruption or immorality. It is not about a film that we will forget, but about the truth that can mean beauty.

It’s about loving instead of moping. It’s about taking action instead of doing nothing. It’s about supporting between us instead of pushing back, being for instead of against. It’s about thinking instead of going awkwardly. Life is a war against matter’s imperfection. It’s about coaching yourself instead of letting yourself go.

My Notes

Make daily resolutions to get out of this matter’s imperfection.