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Who is Jesus ?

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Monday 18 July 2022 by Matthieu Giroux

Jesus is proven according to archeology. We regularly find texts from apostles that relate Jesus. Jesus would be the messenger of God, better than a prophet. Indeed, the prophet feeds on others to explain human truth through human life and nature. Jesus, according to the apostles, understood human truth to explain God’s will. Indeed, it seems that God only understood humans difficultly before the Gospels. The human dependent on nature, then understood himself, so gospels should be hidden by humans fearing mankind truth going against their property.

The universe creates life without needing God, which is logical since God is a life, a soul that brought Jesus. Indeed, Moses’ laws seem archaic faced to Jesus’ speakings. Moses gave laws, such as that gluttony is a sin, that cheating on your wife or husband is a sin. Jesus explained that God is merciful as soon as humans recognize their sin, but only God can know this for some people. God is indeed able to transform life. He also gave us this opportunity.

Jesus explained that we are called to be on his side. We will probably only be with Jesus when God has his new creatures after the apocalypse according to St. John. It is possible that our spirit is guarded and merges with soul. In any case, Jesus explained that God separates himself from some souls, in order to keep others.

The devil helps impure souls who corrupt others. These impure souls listen too much to the baseness of matter. Even Jesus had to deal with the devil. He was very hungry in the desert. But God was helping him not to die. Jesus was preparing for a punishment, but above all wanted to know matter’s imperfection, which shows that God hardly knows that we are experiencing. In the same way, God, while Moses told, did not understand humans. Would God think that one people was better than another? Yet it is our poor situation that allows us to reach God.

But Jesus answered life’s why. I believed in Jesus before I believed in God, since the gospels are mysteries in the man’s glory. I now know that Jesus allowed God to understand humans that he did not fully understand before. God can only act in one place at a time. That is why he needs souls.

My Notes

Read the Bible’s New Testament, or watch Old Testament movies. Try to write about that does not seem invented to you.