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Article published on 20 July 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

Some idea are born from our unconscious. Our unconscious speaks to us and emits ideas. Our unconscious is the part of our mind that thinks without telling us itself. Thus, when our mind is resting, the unconscious is thinking. It influences us, according to and for our truth’s research.

First of all, the mind must be rested in order to be able to use its unconscious. Indeed, the twenty-first century’s beginning world is filled with transgressions leading to short-term desire. This short-term desire makes our mind run in circles instead of being in a dynamic transformation, according to the truth’s research. It has been scientifically found that mind’s disorders are due to a mind’s blockage, blocked from running in a certain place. An unconscious mind that cannot think for us prevents us from binding. Thus, information that seems unthinkable ends up to be accepted, because it is repeated and because we do not think about it. There is a correlation between mental disorders and the television’s purpose in 2015, in particular anorexia, the disorder of body vision.

Knowing that it is not about running in circles, it is therefore about creating goals to grow towards the long term in order to bond again in his mind. It is then about going against that our unconscious tells us as explicit and false, that is to say easily understandable but false, to replace it with that is implicit in our unconscious and true, that is to say little understandable by others but true. Religions speak about evil spirit who dictates lies to us. It is the unconscious that has accepted things that it knew being false, because they were repeated or aggressive.

A mind stuck revolving around the same ideas could prevent you from sleeping. Physical activity makes it possible to sleep better. Meditating after playing music allows you to play in your mind, without music, or rather with your mind’s music. It solves a lot of psychic problems. Also it clears from the "running in circles" of television. Our unconscious is thus better activated thanks to rest. We will be sociable and we will want to adapt to others.

Meditation is not just about finding an idea to be satisfied with it. Some scientists or some religious people would tell you: "An idea is elementary! ». Indeed, meditation has different objectives. Meditation and dialogue make it possible to link faith and reason. Faith is morally trusting someone. Reason makes it possible to clearly anticipate a reality. As soon as we think that we are going to lose faith, it is possible that our reason should be lost. Just as the one who has lost his mind ends up losing faith. Doubt then fills us and asks us to make choices. We will be able to choose badly and reverse our decision. In this case, we should not choose ease, rather use our truth’s research. It is essential that faith and reason are united, through dialogue, scientific questioning and meditation.

The first meditation’s goal is to adapt our mind to our environment. This is the short-term view of meditation. Preparing our mind through the link, we can attribute one or more scientific and human solutions to any problem. Thus, we are increasingly looking to solve problems, which is what we are made for. It can lead us to new passions and new talents.

The second objective is not to prepare to come up with an idea, that is, scientifically to use a neuron. It is about linking a set of neurons, in order to be able to propose several choices or solutions to the one who should not accept a single solution. It is also about finding a way to convince through dialogue and scientific philosophy. It’s also about dealing with emotions with poetry and writing. Finally, it is about having a physical or musical activity, so that the neurons are well irrigated and united by blood flows. Many have this need to let off steam, so that their mind is at its best and is full.

The third objective consists, after the first two, to listen to the one who organizes the universe with life and our spirit. To understand God, it is about taking risks that stimulate humans and nature. With meditation, it is therefore about taking calculated risks, in order to acquire lasting rights, for oneself too. Those who ask a lot get that they need.

When our mind is sufficiently linked to the human environment, it can anticipate that will happen. Meditation also makes it possible to surround human society. Thus, to anticipate communism and liberalism, Lucie shown the Fatima’s Secrets. These secrets anticipate so much about human that they have indicated choices to be made in relation to the planned falls of communism and liberalism. Others will tell you about the card player who actually wins without cheating, although everyone believes the opposite.

The fourth objective according to religion, after this necessity for me to link spirit, is above all to find the link between spirit and matter. Our truth research actually allows us to create our talent, or to perfect it. But we are very heavily dependent on our environment. Our relational mind needs objects to understand each other. We are creative with our reason too. It is about helping this reason with certain objects.

A passionate spirit can be built to anticipate, or bypass more or less long regularly events, expected or feared. We then rise to link our mind to anticipate the most feared events. If these events are not resolved, then wanting, like every child, the power, therefore the power to solve the problems that are crucial for us, we create power’s ersatz for ourselves. These events will be resolved through scientific meditation and dialogue, above all by human. We will only be able to meditate on these events with forgiveness and calmness. Forgiveness also serves to accept others in case we meet them with God. If these events are resolved, our unconscious will prompt us to anticipate other events. Our mind will grow quickly.


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When your mind is calm, after physical exercise, or after talking, before sleeping, meditate while resting. Links or ideas come...

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