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Why To Seek the Truth ?

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Wednesday 20 July 2022 by Matthieu Giroux

We do not know why there is life in our universe. Also life is matter organizing. So we do not know how but especially why society is organized. The why is therefore a question that runs our will to live. Understanding life makes us a genius.

It’s that we don’t understand that’s important. We have to discover the universe where we are. If we do not do this, we are unaccustomed to change and we dry up our humanity. To understand is to accept that we ignore our universe’s essential, a universe that can be questioned with a simple hypothesis.

The human being is understood with society. Everyone has an intuition created by their name and upbringing. It is about finding what it hides searching for our truth and for the truth.

Searching for the truth makes it possible to find happiness. Our mind is satisfied with the truth. So you can find it confessing at the right times while hiding your own life. Those who repress the truth are unhappy. To seek the truth is to understand how the world works.

At the beginning we look for different truths. We are dissatisfied with moving from one to the other. Then we are interested in a truth that makes our life shaking upside down, because it challenges us. So we make hypotheses looking for our truth. We search for our truth with our friends to find our happiness, or happiness allowing us to view the future, then pleasure-happiness, allowing us to motivate to transform our past.
Then, one day, our soul is distinguished by our truth’s research. Also, we ask questions to find the truth in order to find happiness. We believe or we guess then with our will. We are searching the truth, through meditation and dialogue, writing poems too.

We are made to solve problems. To be afraid of problems is to not be prepared to find the solution to them. It’s normal to be afraid of problems. But our truth’s research makes it possible to quickly find the solutions, to no longer be afraid of others, with dialogue, meditating.

Intuition surprises us, if we listen to ourselves or if we read our poems or newspapers. Intuition helps us to solve our truth’s research. It’s about using intuition to transform yourself more easily. Responding to your intuition and defining it allows you to be fulfilled for your happiness and others’ one.

So, sometimes, we wonder how we could, so easily, find a solution to such complex problems. God may have helped us, unless it was our soul.

Then we can temporarily reach the truth. It is not God’s one. It is possible that only God knows it. It can be a mankind’s truth that we manage to define, being then the mankind’s truth of our country or our world at that moment, or then. This truth builds the human. God can intervene for it.

It is about being one body to go searching truth. His truth research makes it possible to build the society’s body, locally, then that of his country. This requires understanding truths from other countries and from childhood. So, questioning brings our good news estimating the one in front of us. But also learning to teach through our intelligence, we understand the human’s past truth, even that of a moment, even that which lasts, even an eternal human truth. We will then seek this eternity with spirit.

It can be a new cause for scientists to improve science. It can be for a musician to find his music’s meaning. It can be for the manual craft to use his hands to create something new and economical, that is to say useful. We can help someone to awaken our spirit. We can find a truth that speaks to us for our profession. We can then forget our ego, knowing it, to see what is behind us.

We’ll have awakened his senses. Intuition through dialogue or writings will have shown us our way. Dialogue with others will have transformed us, because our spirit will change our soul which transforms our spirit. Then we are the Christ. The Holy Spirit can help us at this moment, for our cause, which is in human truth. We can act for 3 days and then less, without being tired. If we are a little tired, we are at the center of the spirit so we are Christ at certain times. If our beam is strong, we may have narrowly missed death before. The rule is simple: What will be acquired will be final and will free you with others to free others.

God does not touch the soul at these times. It improves our body at the right times by our will and mind. When the Holy Spirit leaves us, he remains a part of the whole in us, in our spirit, because the spirits are linked to each other, so that we can grow and get along. Our soul is clearly distinguished with our will. Negative intuitions become positive. We’re under attack. The spirit is there to help us. So, it is the truth’s joy that guides us. The more we show the truth, the more we save. God can then transform our body. It is therefore possible that God will restore our soul’s pulpit to know us when he saw us reach it.

My Notes

Write down the questions that you are asking yourself or were asking about yourself.