Going on a Mission
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Article published on 17 July 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

To go on a mission is to discover truths, to be satisfied while giving happiness to others in order to marvel at a human working’s smile, namely to learn loving society and others, this nature especially.

We were all farmers before and taught the lords, these personalities taking risks with our words, words that have become written by scribes wanting to understand, public writers or amateur videographers improvising with a movement’s theory towards natural or scientific perfection. Then creative writings lead us to a cause that has or will have a high chance to become a destiny, that is to say will make us with our accomplishment, that is to say discovering what makes this cause in us while diffusing in society. This society is transforming, that is an elementary economy’s principle.

Robots require to know the society’s concept and its movement, this life that grows in us and with us. We are then obviously saying that we must preserve these achievements. If we know this imperfection, we want to transform it to improve it. However, it is therefore necessary to know how to initiate oneself to this matter organizing and society moving towards perfection.

Then you become a society’s economist. Going towards our mission is something that pushes us to travel a path towards the unknown, driven by our truth’s research. Why are we on Earth ? Are we on Earth to accumulate material goods? Or are we on Earth for others in order to enrich ourselves?

It is about acting according to one’s origins and one’s name in order to go forward discovering one’s family, a destiny and therefore a future to be created. We chart this future when we are not distracted with the job that should be a job that really serves others. If our work serves others, then our truth’s research resumes. Our happiness comes.

The mission makes it possible to get to know society and its natural environment in order to participate in it, in order to flourish from its usefulness. So, others see us in our best view. So, the advice given serves for life. Some missions, the ones we want to achieve, have more merit because we use our passion to transform ourselves.

My Notes

Write about your origins and your future.

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