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Life’s Creation

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Tuesday 12 July 2022 by Matthieu Giroux

It seems that soul can only run on one goal. A body also works in the same way. Indeed, God helped Jesus in the Middle East, so that the gospel could be spread throughout the whole world easily.

Thus God needs us to help and advise him in order to act on our world. Knowing the jealousy of the human being, knowing that creativity is that makes possible to run towards the future, therefore to compete with the current leader or to create beneficial competition, the current leaders has to prevent this entire system because death is going against them.

Knowing that it is about preventing the future, many doubt these leaders, who hide so that we do not understand their domination’s goal. Since these people are not declared, it is believed that they do not dominate and can act very easily as long as they have not been identified. God transforms the most productive genial humans to allow them to lead the country, then the world to love through simple texts allowing happiness.

Every educated soul has a gift, created by our intelligences’ development or revelation, provided because the parents have transmitted a story allowing projection towards the future. But this gift does not require only a morality allowing life in community, but an ethics influencing the community towards the good.

There is a Holy Spirit guided by God. It acts on our world. Indeed, if we do not know why life is organized, we do not know why our society is also organized. There the Holy Spirit acts in one place at a time, in a global way through the spirit. Those who seek their own and the truth end up with the risk to find the true in order to realize this spirit’s ubiquity questioning the soul, centralized by the Holy Spirit’s action, Holy Spirit acting on our universe’s matter.

When we divided families, the first society’s laws had been created. We realized that division had to be prevented due to a lack of dialogue, of sharing, of humanity. You can always destroy distant families if you use a constructive dialogue. To this end, we use the famous laziness to not take risks with loved ones to protect ourselves. Besides, why should it be done? To dare to understand them. But we understand each other with others. Many forget about it. Hence the dialogue that consists to take the risk to show your limits, so limits meaning that you are growing.

Know that the imagination is chaos if it is not in a reflection, reflection meaning questioning, reflection meaning above all searching to organize. Chaos is easy to find.

When we started to understand emotions, the one who defined emotions brought joy. We talk a lot to say what’s on our hearts. It makes it possible to find the one who defines the induced emotion. There is then no risk talking to each other. We define emotions from the simplest to the most frightening. While defining the most beautiful we find happiness. We then define the fear which is to not understand anything, to not be able to act. Then destroying our truth’s research is called into question.

The beautiful is our eternity. Death shows that the universe is dangerous, that we must beware of it, that we must take care of ourselves while we think we are above chaos. After death we could certainly still die. It is doubtless to warn us of this danger that God makes us face a blurred death, a death in which the unjust are destroyed.

The beautiful is therefore harmony which means mathematics, that is to say automated order. It is obviously not for you to use mathematics to find the order. It is for you to understand nature in order to improve it, automating the order. Jean-Pierre Petit explains that we ran into circles about mathematics because computers calculated for us. Thus, it was enough to simulate to figure out how to automate nature. God automated our solar system quickly, if it is not a soul born with God, which is much more certain.

Every country has a role. Each individual is unique, even twins in spirit especially. We are not mathematics. Each word that we understand comes back in our mind so that we understand in sentences that allows us to search. Besides, we understand language better with sentences. Our soul makes our spirit grow very quickly if we are joyful.

Thus our universe is organized. Thus our solar system has not gone in all directions and keeps the elliptical movements, which must be maintained for a sufficient time with our hands so that the organization is fair and harmonious, lasts a long time, takes a short time to organize too.

God is a powerful soul, who creates souls with a body, a human body that he did not know as Jesus said. This is obvious. Indeed, the world we know cannot be born by chance. The organization is not a coincidence as Einstein said. Believing that the universe creates life with chance consists, as Einstein said, to believe that we can organize an explosion’s effects.

My Notes

Read the Gospels while seeking the truth.