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What is the Apocalypse ?

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Tuesday 12 July 2022 by Matthieu Giroux

The apocalypse is a world’s end of to create a new world. A society is very difficult to organize, because everyone wants to get something for himself from world. Thus those who do not defend their happiness, those who think that it is only about living, as if life were an obligation instead of a chance, follow a decadence proposed by those who want to obtain society for themselves. Thus, any society drifts because of life’s lack in society, the understanding’s lack about going to a mission, due to the sadness of what is proposed.

On the contrary, it is for everyone to be utopian. Those who seek to change society according to utopia create the new world, whether it is perfect or not, whether it tries to be perfect or not. Each time, utopia will be too demanding for those who lead it. It is up to everyone to discover the others’ utopia to transform themselves, so the new world can bring happiness.

Those who campaign are happy and joyful because they think they bring happiness to society. It gives them a utility and therefore a meaning to their life. It also brings them tricks that none would have thought to have. They know that there is another world to build because of the inequalities they perceive.

Doing politics consists to feel useful with our artistic or technical projects, then contradicted by the others’ scientific philosophy. Then the activist also becomes a philosopher and scientist, in order to improve society as much as possible. Debating with others allows our projects to succeed.

According to science and the apocalypse according to St. John, we are moving towards a universe that will merge with our own. According to Saint-Jean, the transformation’s magic will go beyond human science for an ideal world or universe generating. It is therefore about transforming ourselves with truth’s research, with our education, for and with our entourage, with our profession, with our hobbies, with God later or with our mission.

My Notes

Seek to campaign for the others’ happiness and yours. This can be a long-term goal thanks to the architecture and then with the truths found, with a failure otherwise.