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Looking for Real

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Saturday 16 July 2022 by Matthieu Giroux

You see when there are lies. Children have a mind that goes faster and therefore sees the lies’ moments. There are two solutions then. Either you lie and you’ve probably already done it. Either you tell the truth and you tell yourself that you will be repressed. But if you lie too much you will also be repressed. We’re at a dead end with the lie.

Know that you’re not the only one who wants the real. Jesus Christ said that he was the truth. He was killed to tell the truth, because the truth bothers. But while spreading the truth he convinced others to tell the truth. The truth permits to the righteous to go to God. Indeed, what is the use of somebody that lies? Jesus gave Peter the right to lie in order to lead his Church. Indeed, Peter denied Christ, and Christ knew that he would deny him. Jesus told the truth but he understands that humans lie.

If you want to become Christ, you will always find Christians to help you. The spirit spreads the word of those who tell the truth so that they should respond to Christ. Yes your mind is included in the human mind. That is why mankind understands between each other. We should not communicate with each other without the spirit allowing it. Otherwise it would be like talking on a mountain where you only hear the echo in return.
Thus, if, after having found your truth, you spread the righteous’ truth, the righteous will come to you with the spirit. The spirit is made for us to become righteous. It responds to our truth’s research.

When we discover an inconvenient truth, we are first afraid. Then we crave the danger of a new truth. If we’re not sadistic, we want a truth that makes us feeling good. So we look for the truth, the one that makes the world at a given moment. Then we are Christ.

We have our prophet friends who give us happiness and we are often rejected by the authority, those who lead, especially those who act for themselves. Rest assured, there will be times when everyone will want your truth, even authority. Indeed, the authority needs to tell truths to its people. The best prophets serve their leaders, as Jesus Christ said. Christ was consulted by the leaders. Leaders came to Jesus to find out what to do.

It is when we see authority that we can become like Peter. But you can say the truth only when you are forced to. We can do better. We can do like Christ and say that we will be in this world. We can explain that we teach. Then the ruler takes us for anything but not an enemy. Some prophets have thus become advisers to rulers.

My Notes

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