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Recognizing Demons

Creative Common by SA License
Tuesday 12 July 2022 by Matthieu Giroux

There is always a moment when our soul grows a little, just physically. Indeed at the begining we follow. This truth that challenges us is too mysterious to rise. We follow others, so finally we believe that we follow others. In fact, we follow what is dominant and what is dominant coaxes us. But what is dominant often lacks of truth’s research, so this truth that intrigues us can be erased, in which case it is useless for demons to influence us, since we are already influenced.

Demons only influence. It is a privilege to face them, because you are fighting the evil’s source. Demons place themselves between the soul and the spirit. They seek to get ahead of the mind. So we recognize demons with a quick and distorted intention.

You will tell me that the "Star Wars" saga is about this. That’s right. But it is said in this saga that we can be faster than this demon. It is impossible for a human to be faster than a demon except thanks to the Holy Spirit who casts out the demon, in which case the Holy Spirit does not even allow us to be fast, since it is calmness, reflection and serenity that makes it possible to listen to us better, just as calmness and reflection make it possible to easily contradict and fight the demon thinking, reading, writing. So understanding the demon permits to fight against him. The tranquility and calm will make it possible to better differentiate this eagerness.

My Notes

Do you follow others or are you looking for the truth? Write what you understand about your desire to follow, through a poem, in order to better seek the truth through others.